instrument: bass, drums
family: married, two daughters
occupation: electrician
influences:Flea (RHCP), Geddy Lee
hobbies: woodworking
you might be surprised to learn that:
I'm a luthier!
instrument: guitar, bass,          
banjo,... vocal
family: married (to Emily) three
occupation: guitar instructor
influences: Stevie Ray                 
Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jimi          
Hendrix, Jim Croce, James           
hobbies: fishing
instrument: guitar, harmonica,      
upright bass, banjo, uke, vocal
family: married, two boys,
three grandkids!
occupation: teacher
influences: Johnny Cash, Elvis, Stray
Cats, Beatles, and anyone who ever
appeared on Hee Haw
hobbies: Harleys,old trucks,           
classic movies, history
you might be surprised to learn that I:
grew up wanting to be a cartoonist.  I
even had my own strip
once!   The magazine
folded after my first run :)
instrument: violin, piano, vocals
family: married (to Aric), three
occupation: violin instructor
instrument: drums

family: two daughters

influences:  John Bonham,
Kenny Arnoff, & Chris McHugh

hobbies: sports